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The Color Positive Fashion Pageant 2022
An annual event by Color Positive Foundation


June 7th, 2022

Color Positive Foundation

This Pride Event will be the cat’s meow. And how! 

Color Positive Foundation, a non-profit organization working towards a future of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for friends and folks equally from the LGBTQIA+ and allies will hold their 5th Edition of Color Positive Fashion Pageant 2022. The one-of-a-kind adaptive fashion show will take place at Padmashree D Y Patil Auditorium, Nerul, Navi Mumbai on 12th June 2022. 

Color Positive, a production house with a social bent of mind, brings together hard hitting social issues to the fore through plays, discussions and by harvesting the power of social media. With the help of Pearl Academy and Chief guests like Alka Madhan, Campus Director of Pearl Academy shall bring to the fore, various talents from the Queer community alive on stage with “The Color Positive Fashion Pageant 2022”

Interestingly, the pageant doesn't have an age, size, colour or creed bracket. "We have a contestant called Mamta Mehta. She is 53 years old. We wish to send a message that if she can do it at this age, then anyone can. She is a Sujog and Psycho therapist," said the founder. Others are mostly aged between 21 and 45.


The Color Positive Fashion Pageant will bring the heroes of the community and allies together on stage for the audience to cheer. After 6 weeks of grooming and with the ambition to change the world, we will showcase twenty  contestants from whom, five will be crowned. The only fashion show that celebrates inclusivity and diversity in all its glory. We shall crown men under Mr. King and Mr. Queen. Yes, in the famous words by Madonna in her song, “For a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because you think that being a girl is degrading” she questions the society to accept people the way they are. And the Mr. Queen category celebrates the femininity in a man. We shall also crown women in Ms. Queen and Ms. King Categories and these girls defy our regular Indian women. And then we have Mx. Queen, F2M or trans-woman who will walk like equals and perfect the way they are. 

Savio Mascarenhas says “Our country is changing, after #377gone we are in that time where the young are coming out and being the face of the old, empowering those who were affected by the law growing up and letting them know that its okay to be you. We are making new waves in letting the young generation know that you don’t have to follow the footsteps of the old and to finally live empowered because the old have fought for our “today”, to rejoice in the pride of being you.”

Sagar Kadrekar, our fashion director, has put together the choreography and has designed and sponsored the 2nd round of Beach Wear. He’s also the costume stylist for the show. Judges like queer celebrity from the corporate world, Sanket Sveronic from Mr. Gay India, Priti Maniyar, Johann Arora, Ganga (Pranit Hatte), Abhijit Thakur, Kash Pitha, Christina Evers and others will judge at the fashion show that celebrates all genders in one show.

This time, Colour Positive will feature a mini-festival of short theatre by InQueerAble, a platform for queer theatre curated by Vikram Phukan. Talented trained actors will professionally stage snippets drawn from the lived experiences of queer people—from wisps of romantic whimsy, to stories of identity, from observational comedy to sombre drama.

Savio Mascarenhas, founder of Color Positive adds, “This event has been possible because of Pearl Academy also our Title Partner, Alien Tatoo, The Humsafar Trust, YRG Care and other major contributors like Lakme Academy and D.Y .Patil School of Hospitality and tourism studies, Nerul< Navi Mumbai and many more and  not to forget the unparalleled dedication of my team. This event is a coming-together of different organisations and different strengths for the common goal of equality”

It is important to have events such as this one to create conversations as they will be central to building a better understanding of each other. We hope that this show will be a platform to get such exchanges started.”

The Color Positive Fashion  Pageant 2022 is held on 12th June, 2022 at the Padmashre D Y Patil Auditorium at 4pm. Tickets are available by Book My Show at a nominal charge.


For more details: Please contact: Mr Savio #8369874867



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