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India's Pride Collective

The National Pride Collective - Color Positive Foundation's initiative

Please read about the purpose and then fill out the petition form below.

There are more than 4000 cities and towns in India but a handful of Pride Parades happen in the country.

There are many reasons to do a Pride Parade in India like it does not recognise registered marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples, though same-sex couples can attain rights and benefits as a live-in couple (anagolous to cohabitation) as per a Supreme Court of India judgement in August 2022). This and many more reasons exist why we need a Pride in our country in every corner. Here is a list of the reasons.


A five-member constitution bench of the Supreme Court is hearing a batch of pleas seeking legal recognition of same-sex marriages from April 18th as the matter is "constitutional in nature"

Color Positive arranged for a Pride after 3 years in Mumbai and arranged a Silent Rally asking the citizen of the country to join them to walk silently with placards asking the Supreme Court to listen to its citizens and keep us in their minds when they make a decision.

The struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community goes hand in hand with the Independence of our country. For the last 75 years, this community like many minorities in India has been struggling for the Law to listen to them. A ray of light appeared with the decriminalization of Sec #377 that came into effect about 5 years ago. Now, we turn towards the Law again, asking them to make a decision that can change the lives of the people who have dared to love for all these years despite the discrimination and hate.

The Purpose of India's Pride Collective is to host a national level Pride in Major Cities, one city at a time to focus on our rights and to allow a national event that brings the community from every corner of the country. Additionally, the collective works on mobilizing small cities that have not had a Pride Parade, receive support so that every LGBTQIA+ community member feels like an equal citizen and feels enabled. 

We ask all of you to come and join us in the first of it's kind Pride that speaks to every Indian as a National Pride that will be held in the Queen City of Mumbai, first and then move to other cities every year. We ask you to bring your friends and family to support us. The event will be held on 24th June, 2023, a Saturday. The people will gather from 3:00 pm and will start the walk from 4:30 pm onwards. The National Pride of India by the India's Pride Collective will then end by 6:00 pm and citizens will then disperse and join the Pride Celebration - The Official National Pride Party. Details of the event will be informed soon. The India's Pride Parade will start from Azad Maidan and end at Oval Maidan.

A detailed Map will be available soon. 

Savio Mascarenhas, the founder of Color Positive Foundation, a registered NGO with 12A and 80G Certification, has been working for the betterment of the LGBTQIA+ community for over half a decade. Through our NGO, we have produced and directed, sensitizing theatrical plays, short-films, dance performances, skits and more for big organisations and Collectives like Queer Azaadi Mumbai, BNY Mellon, WeWork, Kitty Su Mumbai, Kashish Queer Film Festival, India HIV & AIDS Alliance, APCO,  to name a few.

On the Medical front, we have tested over 600 hard to reach individuals for HIV and provided support to get government aid to positive patients. We have provided low-cost PrEP to over 200 individuals and sensitized people through our social media and physical events. We continue to guide and connect individuals who need medical support and resources through a broad network we have built.

In the Pandemic, we have provided ration kits sponsored by Bollywood star and Big Boss Season 14 Winner, Ms. Rubina Dilaik ji. One month supply of food and immunity medication was provided to 300 individuals during this time. We continue to provide food to those who reach out to us and host many events supporting this cause.

We have our own Fashion Pageant that continues to be the most inclusive and one of a kind Fashion event. For over half a decade now, we have held a 3 months education platform and groomed over 250 individuals and given them a stage to be a model. The purpose of this pageant is to groom the community and make them ready for the modelling and the movie industry. Many Bollywood agents connect with us for talent-sourcing due to our connections with the LGBTQIA+ community who struggles to fit in the industry.

We held our first "Mumbai Pride Parade" in January 2023 which didn't get a lot of support, but we did it any way and had a crowd of over 2500 people at Carter Road, Bandra West, that had it's first Pride March in 3 years in the Queen City.​

If you wish to donate to our causes listed above, please go to We are a registered organisation as mentioned above and can be found in the governments database.

To Donate for the National Pride of India, please click here.


Please fill in this petition to support our Cause. Your virtual support will help us to show the real number of people who want us to be free even if you cannot make it to the physical event.



Color Positive Foundation's motto has been to bridge the gap between the LGBTQIA+ community and the world. Our Pageants and all other tasks we do are the most inclusive and we make sure we do our best in the little we have.

Our Tag Line - Making the CIS-HET fit in the LGBTQIA+ 

It means that we want the cis-heterosexual citizens of our country to mingle and work with us so that they see our struggles and understand us even if they may be slow to accept us.

Meet The Team


Savio Mascarenhas

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Founder, Director.

Short-Films, Plays & Events



Bhakthi Sabarish

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Pranit Hate AKA Ganga

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Brand Ambassador Television & Movie Actor, Performer.



Ajinkya Aditya

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Project Manager


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