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Pageant Task

Here is the list of all the tasks that are needed to be done by you.

Each task when done the fastest, will give you maximum points. 

If the task if done, you will need to have to update it on the link that may be given.

All tasks may usually need to be updated on this link -

Your TASK  from the time its published will be ready to acquire points. 

  • You have 24 hours to finish this to get the maximum points.

  • You need to do the task and take a screen shot and then upload it on the above form link created.

  • Share, Like, Follow, Retweet, Fleet, Story may help you to get points


Example of points process, if...

  • Within 24 hours - 100 points.

  • After 24 hours - 80 points 

  • After 3 days - 50 Points 

  • 5th days - 30 points.

  • 6th & 7th Day or later zero points.


To get 30 points, you need to 
1. Share on Facebook story and wall Share. (10 Points)
2. Instagram story (10 points)
3. Retweet. (10 points)

Task 1

100 points - Add Pin on Whatsapp Group

Add to pin and attach screenshot on form.

Image by Dima Solomin
tcps 6 tiles-01-01-02.png

Task 2

50 Points -
1. Add as favorites in your laptop/phone browser.
2. Add This link to favorites as well.

Day 1 Attendance.

This session is over.

If you attended the session on 20th and 21st April

Points will be given to those who attended and were captured on screen.

Meeting Handshake

Weekly meeting

Attend the Google Meet event and get Points as informed on group.

Color Positive Fashion Pageant 2021
Saturday, April 27th and Sunday 28th April.

Saturday Morning & Sunday evening session done.


Task 4

Make your script for voting video

50 Points.

This a voting video - there are many such videos on that page that were posted.... you can watch them all to get more ideas.

You will have to make a video like this very soon.... Please start practicing for it...

Hi, My name is ..... and I am a contestant in the Mr.Ms.Mx.Drag / King,Queen 2021 Fashion pageant with Color Positive.
I want to do this pageant because .... 
I beleive in ......... cause and if I win, I want to work with Color Positive and do ...... for my cause..... 

Start thinking of what you want your cause to be... and how you will do them... 
Write this down so you can practice... Hope you will have something written by the weekend...
Send us your write up and get 50 points for it.

To be done by this weekend.


Weekly Meetings - Saturday

Attend the Google Meet event and get 50 Points.

We will update the information about this soon.


Weekly Meetings - Sunday

Attend the Zoom Meet event and get 50 Points.

We will update the information about this soon.

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