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The Color Positive Show 2020

~ An annual event by Color Positive presents ‘LGBT STARS at our RED CARPET’

~ A Pride Month Event with its theme - "Bring it on"


Mumbai, 17 January 2020: Celebrating the innate of human desire, equal love for all! Color Positive, a production house with a social bent of mind, brings together varied talents from the queer community alive on stage with, ‘The Color Positive Show 2020’. Supported by BNY Mellon, Lotus Visual Productions, Lakme Academy, Bandra, Ms. Debayani Kar, Mr. Gay India and Chayachitrikaran, the event is slated to be held at Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Mumbai on Sunday, 19 January 2020 from 05 pm - 10 pm. 


A big annual event by Color Positive the festive evening will stage the following:

  • A pageant that crowns 6 winners (The most inclusive pageant that includes straight allies, LGBT, drag and non-binary folk) 

  • A show that celebrates the essence of the LGBT by showcasing the arts.

  • Color Positive presents a new play by Savio Mascarenhas for the Mumbai Pride Month, called “Trans-Action”. An LGT play that emphasis on the transgender folks of our society.


Speaking about the initiative, Savio Mascarenhas, organizer and director of The Color Positive Show 2020 said, “Our country is changing, after #377gone, we are in that time where the young are coming out and being the face of the old, empowering those who were affected by the law growing up and letting them know that it’s okay to be you. We are making new waves in letting the young generation know that you don’t have to follow the footsteps of the old and to finally live empowered because the old have fought for our “today”, to rejoice in the pride of being you”. 


He adds, “The Color Positive Show 2020 is a coming-together of communities and different strengths for the common goal of equality. This event has been made possible with support from leading organizations like BNY Mellon, Lotus Visual Productions and other contributors like Ms. Debayani Kar, Lakme Academy, Bandra and the unparalleled dedication of my team.”


Expressing her solidarity, Jasmin Ignatius, Director, Planning & Governance, BNY Mellon International Operations, India said, “As an organization, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) plays an integral role in driving high performance, competitive advantage, innovation and growth. We will continue to foster inclusivity in the workplace where our people feel empowered to do their best work in an environment where they are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. BNY Mellon has been a long-time supporter of LGBT inclusion at the national and global levels, and we are thrilled to be a part of a platform like Color Positive that celebrates communities of every kind, equally”. 


Alongside other colorful and fun-filled performances, the evening will witness, ‘The Color Positive Fashion Pageant’, the only fashion show that celebrates diversity and inclusion in all its glory. The show will have heroes from the community and allies together on stage who were groomed for over a period of 6 weeks, instilling confidence and ambition in them on how they see the world outside. The event will showcase 32 contestants from which six will be crowned. The show shall also crown men under Mr. King and also Mr. Queen category, to celebrate the femininity in a man. Crown women in Ms. Queen and Ms. King categories to showcase that these girls defy your regular Indian women. The event will also have Mx King, F2M, also addressed as Trans men, the dashing and handsome gladiators of the new world who would become role models, inspire, encourage others, reach out to their peers who need support. And finally, Mx. Queen, M2F or trans woman who will walk like equals and perfect the way they are. 


Choreographed by Jafer Ali Munshi, the show’s in-house fashion director, queer celebrity from the corporate world, Sanket Sveronic from Mr. Gay India, a celebrated photographer, Mr. Jeev Ananth amongst others will be present to judge the show that celebrates all genders.


The event will also stage “Trans-Action” a play in Hindi by Director and Playwright, Savio Mascarenhas that celebrates the power of being one. It tells the story of a trans person that defines the lives of many such members of our society. Presented by Color Positive Productions, the play depicts the challenges that arise in the life of Veena Bai and how she turned her life around with every difficulty she faced. 


The Color Positive Show 2020 is slated to be held at Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Mumbai on Sunday, 19 January 2020 from 05 pm - 10 pm. Tickets are available at a nominal charge at the venue.


For more details, please contact: Savio at 8369874867



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